Landscapes of the Mind - March Show

By River Huston

In our March show, Landscapes of the Mind, you'll take a wild ride from the natural world to the exciting, abstract world of fantasy. Nearly 30 members from the Concord Art Association are showing their visions of landscapes through paintings, photography, collage and more.

Inspiration surrounds us in February

Underwater II by Colleen Gianatiempo, mixed media

Inspiration Surrounds Us

In this energetic mixed media art show that runs through the month of February, Concord Art Association members explore the concept that inspiration can be found anywhere. From the smallest bug to the largest building, artists are inspired by color, light, form, shadows, geometry, texture, people, nature and so much more. Inspiration knows no bounds!

Budding Corruption by Pat Calabro, acrylic

Take an art class with us!

Join one of our talented local artists for an exciting class - learn a new technique, play with different mediums, take home a creative work of art!

Click here to register for your desired class(es) - seating is limited to 6-8 students per class. Make your payment by mail or bring it in person ONLY (cash or check) to the aRt Cottage - 2238 Mt. Diablo Street, Concord CA 94520.

Saturday 1/12/19: 1-3pm  $45
Paint Pouring with Pat Calabro
Learn the basics of this exciting painting trend! $25 extra for supplies if needed.

Sunday 1/13/19:  1-4pm  $30
Art Crayon Techniques with Lisa Fulmer
Learn 5 different ways to work with Marabu Art Crayons. All supplies included.

Friday 1/18/19:  6-8pm  $25
Floral Study 1 with Deena Sheranko
Learn to quickly sketch and color flowers with watercolor and ink. All supplies included.

Saturday 1/19/19:  1-4pm  $55
Gel Plate Printing with Pat Viera
Learn the basics of making gel prints on paper. Most supplies included; bring your own gel plate or buy one from Pat for an extra $25.

Saturday 1/19/19:  6-8pm  $25
Floral Study 2 with Deena Sheranko
Learn to quickly sketch and color flowers with watercolor and ink. All supplies included.

Thursday 1/24/19:  6-8pm  $40
Make Your Own Font with Alex Savakis
Develop your own handwriting into creative digital lettering. Supplies and digi-conversion included.

Friday 1/25/19:  6-9pm  $40
Sip & Uncork Your Creativity with Cheryl Jones
Make an adorable serving tray with wine corks. All supplies (and wine!)  included.

Saturday 1/26/19:  1-3pm  $45
The Magic of Alcohol Inks with Laurie Mansur
Learn how to paint a landscape, a floral or an abstract composition. All supplies included.

Click here to download our class flyer. Waiting lists for additional classes will be created as needed.

Holiday Boutique

Shop right here in Concord for original art and handmade gifts this holiday season and support dozens of talented local artists. Our Holiday Boutique runs through November and December.

Join us on Saturday, November 10th (2-4pm) for our Open House and Artist Reception. Roy Gonzalez will be playing live music and refreshments (wine!) will be served.

The Emotion of Art

Artist:  Rashmi Rajesh

Our October show is extra special - a striking mix of painting and poetry. Our curator has partnered poems from the Mt. Diablo Writers Group with art from members of the Lamorinda Arts Alliance to bring out special nuances in their work.

"I gather my energy and strength at will
As I determine the path of my unbridled spill
A path so treacherous and unyielding
My compass set and not revealing."

  - Excerpt from The Hurricane by Lynne Grant Westenhaver

Join us for an Open House and Artist Reception on Saturday, October 6th, 2-4pm.

Landscapes Near and Far

Big Sur by Kimberly Votaw

Venice by Anamilena Ayala  

Artists from all over the Bay Area have come together to share their visions of land and sea in September - you'll find both familiar locales and imaginative vistas.

Psychological Abstraction

Tom Quinlavin

"The choice early in life to make abstract paintings is to undertake a rich journey, but one that is, more than not, solitary and accompanied by self-doubt. Tom Quinlavin has been making abstract paintings in the expressionist genre as long as I’ve known him, which goes back to New York City around 1982.

From the time he finished his studies with Robert Yasuda at C.W. Post, Tom never looked toward academia for support, instead venturing on an independent course pushing his personal limits of freedom and excessiveness. Always sincere and full of conviction, Tom’s work relies on an energy of unknown fearlessness and chaos and ranged from bacchanalian-inspired gestures of recklessness to gestures of furious directional intensity.

With his recent work, his imagery continues to emerge with increasing focus, discrete edges and autonomous elemental shapes. A quiet confidence has replaced the unbridled recklessness in his earlier work while the exuberance of color and materiality persist."

- Donald Alberti

Kareem Assab

Kareem Assab was born and raised in Morocco, surrounded by the rich and vibrant colors of everyday life, such as tiles, mosaics, spices in the souk (market), as well as the architecture in the region. In his paintings, he seeks to combine the warm, rich, exotic colors of North Africa with the beauty of wine country landscapes and abstract ideas. The images he creates often tell stories of life, friendship and playfulness. Kareem has worked to create a unique and charming vision - his hope is to help people who see his work feel joyful.