When art students come together, great things happen!

Leafscape by Walter Crew

Our local community college DVC (Diablo Valley College) has a wonderful art program. In 2001, a group of 14 art students decided to gather outside of class for critique sessions to help improve their skills. After a while the group became known as CC14 (CC for our county of Contra Costa) and has grown to well beyond 14 members, including current DVC students and former alumni.

CC14 members' work is featured for the month of April and you're sure to find something you'll want to bring home!

Join us for the CC14 Artist Reception on Saturday, April 6th, 2-4pm.

We will also have a very special guest artist from Canada visiting in April.

Spike Mills carves and paints unique sculptures and masks from fallen trees and reclaimed wood.

In addition to some of his work being on display, Spike will teach a clay mask-making class - stay tuned for details!

Landscapes of the Mind - March Show

By River Huston

In our March show, Landscapes of the Mind, you'll take a wild ride from the natural world to the exciting, abstract world of fantasy. Nearly 30 members from the Concord Art Association are showing their visions of landscapes through paintings, photography, collage and more.

Inspiration surrounds us in February

Underwater II by Colleen Gianatiempo, mixed media

Inspiration Surrounds Us

In this energetic mixed media art show that runs through the month of February, Concord Art Association members explore the concept that inspiration can be found anywhere. From the smallest bug to the largest building, artists are inspired by color, light, form, shadows, geometry, texture, people, nature and so much more. Inspiration knows no bounds!

Budding Corruption by Pat Calabro, acrylic