Artists Reception

Saturday was the Artists Reception for our new show, Africa: Two Views. It was a beautiful afternoon and over 100 guests turned out to view the artwork of Walter Crew and Mark & Cathy Pemberton. The energy level was very high as the enthusiastic art aficionados went from room to room admiring the various works. Stylistically, Walter's paintings and scratchboards and Mark and Cathy's black and white photographs were 180 degrees apart and yet complemented each other so well that they represented a logically unified body of work.

Each attendee had to opportunity to vote for their favorite painting and photograph. Many a person commented that they could not possibly pick just one image. However , eventually they did manage to select their favorites. There was a tie for first place among the photographs. Cathy's "Lioness" and Mark's "Reticulated Giraffes" tied for first. Among the paintings, Walter's "Maasai Cattle Herders" was judged to be the favorite.

Many thanks to all of the people who helped to make this reception a great success. Special thanks to Benjamin Ofori, our African drummer, for providing entertainment. I would also like to thank Linda Wagner for her great handling of the food and beverages. And finally thanks to Joe Eiers for photographing the event.

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming shows.

Attendees enjoy the Artwork

Jim and Ann Vestal discuss things with FRO

Benjamin Ofori - African Drummer

A lighthearted moment

People's Choice: 1st Place (tie) - Lioness by Cathy Pemberton

People's Choice: 1st Place (tie) - Reticulated Giraffes by Mark Pemberton

People's Choice: 1st Place - Maasai Cattle Herders by Walter Crew

Photographs of the reception by Joe Eiers.