The Art of Photography

aRt Cottage is delighted to welcome back the Diablo Valley Camera Club for its second Photography Exhibition. DVCC's previous exhibition showcased the wonders of the natural world. This time the gloves came off and the result is an eclectic collection of photographic subjects.

As you enter the gallery you are greeted by two of the most amazing portraits. These portraits of Vietnamese natives were shot by Irena Miles and manage to capture not just the time and the place but the emotional soul of Vietnam. (Click on any image to enlarge it)

Chris Nelson demonstrates his mastery of line and color with a series of vintage cars, in both decrepit and restored condition. The colors are brilliant, as if you were touring downtown Miami Beach.

Mark and Cathy Pemberton have shared an intimate look at the almost spriitual side of the wildlife of Japan. They visited there only a few months ago and are sharing for the first time their photos of the Snow Monkeys of Nagano as well as the Red-Crowned Cranes of Hokkaido. The expression on the faces of the Snow Monkeys are extremely human and intriguing. Cranes occupy an almost mystical place in the lore of Japan and China and Mark and Cathy have captured the grace and beauty of the cranes mating rituals.

The main gallery has a collection of both landscapes and city scapes with a few surprises thrown in. One of the images ""Yosemite After the Storm"  is a shot of half dome by Karen Najarian. This photo so far exceeds the usual shots of this iconic rock that it is truly breathtaking. It is not surprising to learn that Karen spends her summers leading groups of backpackers through the Sierras.

The show has much more to see than I can describe here. Please come by the aRt Cottage and check out this wonderful collection.

We will be hosting an Artists Reception this coming Saturday, June 7th from 2 to 5 pm. We will have food, beverages and as an additional treat, Rick Najarian has agreed to a repeat performance of guitar music from about 3:30 to 5 pm. Don't miss this opportunity.