April Show - John Nicolini Retrospective

john nicolini art show

Don't miss this posthumous retrospective of John Nicolini's watercolors and oil paintings, on display at the aRt Cottage for the month of April. Thanks to his wife and family, John's wonderful work is being kept alive to inspire future generations of artists.

Come to our opening reception on Saturday, April 8th (2-4pm) with live music, food & wonderful art - meet John's wife, Edy!

John Nicolini received his BFA degree in 1959 from the College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland, where he studied with Richard Diebenkorn, George Post, Gordon-Onslow Ford and many others. John also had the opportunity to study illustration in New York with Bernie Fuchs, Bob Peak and Robert Heindel.

Following graduation, he worked for about ten years in advertising as a graphic designer and art director. Then in 1968, he transitioned to being a full-time artist, painting every day in his studio until his death in 2014. Throughout his art career, he exhibited in many invitational and juried shows locally, nationally and internationally.

His thoughts on working with watercolor...
"I strive for a spontaneous feeling, reflecting the character of the medium by allowing splashes of color washes to form their own shapes. The intent is to improvise on a given theme."
...and on painting with oils:
"I use the texture of brush strokes to form rhythmic patterns of color movement, continually improvising regardless of subject matter."