All Creatures Great and Small

It's a zoo in here! Enjoy this sneak peek of our January show, featuring animal-themed artwork from 20+ local artists. We've got paintings, sculpture, photography, cute softies and more. You'll see frogs and dogs, cats and rats - plus foxes, birds and tigers, oh my!

Photos are courtesy of Lori Rutledge-Caughey.

Landing by Renaye Johnson

Clockwise from top left:  Toby Tuesdays by Lori Rutledge; Kitty by Kara Tirsky; Cookie by Hailey Nunes; Watcher by Deena Sheranko; Cattitude by Deena Sheranko; Kitty & Flowers by Karolyn Dreyer

Morning Egret by Thea Jue

Praying Mantis by Alexis Carlson

Updraft (top) and Hagi (Hanafuda Series) by John Nakanishi