Artist Spotlight - Jan Lainoff

Fluid Stroll   7x11 acrylic   $200
Pre-virus: Life is a straight forward line with complications few.
It’s only the occasional mild distraction that walks our imagination forward. 

Boundaries   10x10 mixed media   $200
Covid-19 birthed boundaries, constraints, shelter-in-place isolation 
and prayer-like precautions to ward off the unknown disease & contagious fear. 

"As an artist, I’m split:  I love words. I love art. I love reading.

Growing up in a Kentucky family of two boys & two girls, I was the oldest daughter.
The family ‘Artist’ was the youngest daughter. Me, well, I was 'The Mouth.' Sometimes ‘Big’ preceded ‘Mouth.' Affectionately, most days.

In high school, I became a speech student, careening between Debate & Oral Interpretation. Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with voices and the power of words. Speech Student became Speech-Language Pathologist, where I commenced with purpose & passion. I could give voice to the non-verbal, whether it be sign language, picture systems, dedicated speech devices or today’s talking computers. The art my sister taught me, I used as a tool for self-expression, a bridge into the speaking world.

Then came retirement:  I love words. I love art. I love reading.

So… I paint. My canvases tell a story. Read what you will into them."

Procession   20x16 mixed media   $300
Mandated social distancing is amended into ‘physical' distancing 
as we rediscover WE NEED EACH OTHER in our fluid stroll. 
Our commute becomes a decreed six feet of separation or six feet under. 

Scarlet Horizon  11x16 acrylic   $200
Death mocks newspaper headlines. 
 The slot machine numbers become our shared horizon. 
‘How to’ 1,2,3,4: avoid, sidestep, dodge, escape... 
the promised... more deadly…. second wave?

Waiting for Godot   21x25 mixed media   $400
Life transmogrifies into a meme/silhouette, an existential waiting 
for the arrival of the elusive, the invisible... that’s already among us.

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