Artist Spotlight - Pam McCauley

Detachment  -  20x20 acrylic and collage on wood panel  $550

"My memories of painting start at a young age. My mother was a painter so it was always a part of my life. I remember my parents dragging my sister and myself to art exhibits all over the Los Angeles area, particularly a Monet Exhibition. After graduating with a BA in fine art from Occidental College, I taught art in the Los Angeles Unified School system.

Releasing  - 12x15 acrylic and collage on wood panel  $200

I love the practice of painting. Moving and placing paint on a surface gives me a freedom beyond our earthly limits. Over the last 2 years abstract painting has become a passion and challenge. I like to translate emotions to the canvas using color, form, line and texture. For Abstractly Speaking, I have concentrated mostly on form and line, using collage and acrylic."

Sending Up A Prayer  - 12x12 acrylic and collage on wood panel  $150

Too Much  -  20x20 acrylic and collage on wood panel  $550

On The Loose  -  20x20 acrylic and collage on wood panel   $550

Learn more about Pam's work at Visit our YouTube channel to see our May/June virtual art show - Abstractly Speaking.

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