Artist Spotlight: Lynn Glenn

Lynn Glenn
Rain in Winter  36x36 mixed media  $1600 

"After my youngest child started kindergarten, I finally had the time to take my first art class, along with 100 other people in the park in Northridge, California. I just loved the class. I made a life changing decision. I would return to college and add an art major to my BS degree in education. I decided art was something I just loved doing. I could use my teaching skills imparting that love to others. At the same time, my husband also made a life changing decision - to accept a 6-year job offer in Lausanne, Switzerland. Off our family of four went to a new life.

Lynn Glenn
The Blue Collection   36x36 mixed media  $1600

In Switzerland, the Ecole des Beaux Arts is THE place to study art. It is the College of Fine Arts. The one requirement I could not meet regarded age. At the age of 32, I was too old, unless I was able to find professors who would agree to have me as an “eleve libre” (part-time student).

Lynn Glenn
Heirlooms   36x36 mixed media   $1600

I was determined to become a student there and take the art lessons I craved. After learning to speak French, taking classes to prepare a credible portfolio, interviewing in French, I was accepted and found professors willing to have me in their classes. 

Lynn Glenn
Ancient Treasure  36x36 mixed media   $1600

In addition to drawing and painting, I spent 6 years walking through old cities in Europe, visiting the art museums, seeing extraordinary art exhibits and absorbing the new cultures, history and colors surrounding me.

All the above informs my art. I was most attracted by the colors and textures. They are present in most of my work. I continue my art journey - studying mixed media and abstract art, and working solo in my studio."

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Lynn Glenn
Excavated Treasure    36x36 mixed media  $1600

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