Artist Spotlight: Roberta Welburn-Milstead

Roberta Welburn Milstead
Unleashed A  16x16 collage  $360

"I grew up in Boston, a city that had its own unique historical identity. It was during those early educational years that I learned New England was also rich in another significant way… literature. 

In fact, it was my appreciation of the writers in the 18th and 19th centuries (Thoreau, Dickinson, Emerson and Alcott) that I learned to value the ponderings of solitude, nature and identity. This intrigue may have shaped the essence of my journaling, a discipline I do almost daily.

Roberta Welburn Milstead
Unleashed B   16x16 collage  $360

As a child, I loved the endless colors of a rainbow… most colors with unique names could be found in a box of Crayola crayons. My first memory of distinguishing color and their related families could be attributed to my grandfather. 

It was not until years (and 3 children) later that I went back to school. I attended Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, where I developed a passion for photography, and soon graphic design would follow. The darkroom held a mystique that I loved. The technical education was challenging, but the gratification that followed was surreal...inviting me to experiment even further. 

Roberta Welburn Milstead
Unleashed C  16x16 collage  $360

It became clear to me photography and graphic design could easily become allies. I transitioned to the Bay Area over 6 years ago and during this time, my work also transitioned. I scratched and explored a new body of work. My influences often include words and text, which could be social or political. Most often the elements I respond to are often hidden within the layers of the piece. 

Like most artists, I’m still excavating." 

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Roberta Welburn Milstead
Unleashed D  16x16 collage  $360

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