Poem: Sea Spectator

Sea Spectator - Cynthia Slyker


Sea Spectator

Do you see it all

from your perch above the churning waters  

humans carelessly degrading the environment

the floating fields of jetsam

ensnaring the legs of your brethren

the coatings of oil fouling your feathers?

Does it make you angry

that people so foolishly flout 

the interconnectedness of our species

the precariousness of nature’s balance

the fragility of our joint health?

Do you wonder

when you must fly farther through overfished waters

when your ancestral foods now taste of toxins

when your thin eggshells crack so quickly…….

what kind of world your offspring will inherit…….

As I do?

Katrina Monroe
© 2022

The Benicia First Tuesday Poets’ Group and members of Benicia Literary Arts have written ekphrastic poems about paintings from our show, Watercolor - A Happy Medium.

Ekphrastic poems are vivid verbal descriptions of a work of art. Fifteen different poets each came to the aRt Cottage to pick one pieces from each of the 15 artists in the show. We'll be sharing the poetry here on the blog over the next several days - enjoy!