Poem: Settled


Settled - Barbara Tapp


two buildings

one in decay

the other a beautiful house

located in close proximity 

each with a history

one more recent than the other

both inhabited

the building in decay

lives bats, spiders and other creatures

the beautiful house

people dwell

both places create a home

comfort from weather,

place to raise young,

have food,

realms of safety,

and most important thrive

both buildings life has settled

settled in


Thomas Garry
© 2022

The Benicia First Tuesday Poets’ Group and members of Benicia Literary Arts have written ekphrastic poems about paintings from our show, Watercolor - A Happy Medium.

Ekphrastic poems are vivid verbal descriptions of a work of art. Fifteen different poets each came to the aRt Cottage to pick one pieces from each of the 15 artists in the show.