Artist Spotlight: Dave Manousos

dave manousos

"My love of art was spawned at an early age by my grandmother who was a fine artist. She lived with our family and, out of my 10 other siblings, I was the only one that she allowed in her studio. She patiently taught me drawing and painting techniques that I still use today.

As an observer of people and what makes each individual unique, I pull from my experiences, or encounters with others. I retain some unique aspect of a personality that strikes me as interesting, unique or just memorable and I bring that to life in my characters when I paint.

Over the past 35 years I have experimented with many techniques of painting and illustrating. I have written and illustrated children’s books, been a graphic designer and continued to paint.

My Big-Eye Series is a compilation of character paintings that combines both my illustration and painting techniques. Each painting varies in personality depending on the color combination, the expression of the character and the setting."