Artist Spotlight: Suzun Almquist

Riding Brennan's Wave

"I was drawn to art while living in Napa, California. There was an abundance of talent in the valley and I took great interest in the painters. However it wasn’t until I finally retired from a demanding career that I entertained the notion of actually painting. 

I was guided to Marcy Wheeler’s studio in Walnut Creek, California. As I started my art studies and began looking for subjects and compositions to paint, my father’s early photographs of our family inspired me. I wanted my paintings to capture the same sensitivity, emotion, place and time that were expressed in his photos. Besides portraitures, my interests have expanded to include painting landscapes and nature. I work on canvas and enjoy the versatility of acrylic paints.

Since 2013, I have exhibited with the Bay Area Studio Artists (BASA) and other art groups at venues throughout the greater Bay Area. I continue to study with Marcy and other BASA members and have taken additional classes in figure and perspective drawing through other art teachers."

suzun almquist