Poem: Early Fall

Through the Persimmon Leaves - Stephen Berry


Early Fall

The persimmons are harvested.
Ruddle leaves mingle with myrtle hue.
Mount Diablo huddles distant,
encircled in jade and blue.

This enchanted portal,
dozy warm delicious,
brings to mind honeyed birdsong,
amidst pollen-laden bombilation in
rosemary and sage.

Below, discordant rage
of highway hum.
The cacophony
we humans stage,
I choose to ignore.

Becky Bishop White

The Benicia First Tuesday Poets’ Group and members of Benicia Literary Arts have written ekphrastic poems about paintings from our show, Watercolor - A Happy Medium.

Ekphrastic poems are vivid verbal descriptions of a work of art. Fifteen different poets each came to the aRt Cottage to pick one pieces from each of the 15 artists in the show. We'll be sharing the poetry here on the blog over the next several days - enjoy!