Poem: Vacaville

Cows in the Shade - Samantha McNally



Cow candy on slippery slopes
bending and waving with the wind
growing grand in glades and valleys
Black bovine indulging in
abundant amethyst
plentiful hors d’oeuvres
plentiful hors d’oeuvres
slow cows with proud heads
basking in the morning sun
long, lazy tongues
that lick and linger
lavender lollipops and
lilac snacks
savoring the bon bons
blades of grass
udderly delicious

Genea Brice
© 2022

The Benicia First Tuesday Poets’ Group and members of Benicia Literary Arts have written ekphrastic poems about paintings from our show, Watercolor - A Happy Medium.

Ekphrastic poems are vivid verbal descriptions of a work of art. Fifteen different poets each came to the aRt Cottage to pick one pieces from each of the 15 artists in the show. We'll be sharing the poetry here on the blog over the next several days - enjoy!