Three Amigos
March 8 - April 21, 2023
Walter Crew. Robert Bradley & George Rammell

Artist Open House / Reception - Saturday, March 11th  2-4pm

Robert Bradley "Hamlet"

George Rammell "Purple Rain"

Meet Tim Aguino

Colorful Longevity

When did you first start making art?
I started producing art as a kid in grade school - drawing, painting, pottery, beading. I enjoyed them all, but beading was my favorite back then. The art class provided looms, but out of class, I built my own for use at home. The main goal is to draw out a design and then create with use of different colored sea beads. The loom was not very big, but I could end up with a piece the size of a bracelet. I was always pretty good at drawing freeform or from photos. After graduating high school and some college, I moved to California in the mid 1990’s and started painting in 1995. Since I could not think of anything else but being a famous artist, I decided to turn my art into a business. It’s been a wonderful journey and I’m proud of what my art represents and how it affects others.

Tell us about the materials you like to use in your work.
I started with oil paints but did not have the patience for the extensive drying time. I like to work fast and found that acrylic paints suited my style. They allow me to layer color on top of color in a much shorter period of time. I am a very colorful artist and abstract designing is a great fit for me. I’m proud to say I have developed my own style where I can showcase some of my Native American heritage. My paintings are exciting, but the bead designs that I incorporate in the pieces are my favorite aspect. They represent my personal designs of symbols and symbolism in my Native American background. I’m so glad that I was able to marry beading and painting into my own unique style.

Native Face

What inspires you to keep creating?
Artists are inspired by making sales, but individuals requesting commissioned work is the ultimate inspiration for me. I have had the privilege to produce at least 5 special requests  - they definitely energize me and just make me feel like I can do anything.  My first juried piece of art (Enchanted Sun) won two prizes – Best Design and Best Color. This type of acknowledgement is another way I am inspired. 

The postcard for my current show features Three Spirits in the Sky - the three spirits are the bead designs that represent prayers for continued balance between heaven and earth.

The first expression from people who view my art comes from their own love of color. This pulls them in and then they are amazed by the bead designs. “Your art makes me feel happy” is one of the most common responses I have received. This is just another way I am inspired. I love when people are drawn to my art and want to know more about it.

I will be working on a bead design during my artist-in-residence day on Saturday, February 18th at aRt Cottage. Come by any time that day between 11am and 5pm for a visit!

All Creatures Great and Small

It's a zoo in here! Enjoy this sneak peek of our January show, featuring animal-themed artwork from 20+ local artists. We've got paintings, sculpture, photography, cute softies and more. You'll see frogs and dogs, cats and rats - plus foxes, birds and tigers, oh my!

Photos are courtesy of Lori Rutledge-Caughey.

Landing by Renaye Johnson

Clockwise from top left:  Toby Tuesdays by Lori Rutledge; Kitty by Kara Tirsky; Cookie by Hailey Nunes; Watcher by Deena Sheranko; Cattitude by Deena Sheranko; Kitty & Flowers by Karolyn Dreyer

Morning Egret by Thea Jue

Praying Mantis by Alexis Carlson

Updraft (top) and Hagi (Hanafuda Series) by John Nakanishi

How's your eye?

Take a photography class to hone your camera and composition skills, stage better shots for painting and create more beautiful memories for you and your family. Click here for details and registration.

Since 1997, San Francisco Bay Area photography instructors, Roc DeWilde, Emeritus, and his wife, Margaret, have been the creators and directors of the ORION Youth Workshops. The Developing Your Eye Photography Workshop is one of six programs offered there, open to youth and the young at heart that want to focus on artistic design, hence applying photographic art fundamentals to create beautiful and powerful pictures.

Roc’s media assignments have included five US Presidents, with cover photographs and campaigns for editorial, fashion and advertising in TimeLifePeopleTeen Vogue, Seventeen, WWD, Redbook and many other national and international publications.

Roc DeWilde's professionalism and artistic work has been honored by Graphis Magazine International with the Art Director's Club of Zurich, Switzerland giving him several awards, including first place - Best Usage of a Photograph in an Advertisement. 

Europe's Der Spiegel Magazine described him as "…an American extraordinary photographer who shoots with drama..." Mary Dunn, Picture Editor with People Magazine said "...Roc directs his subjects masterfully that they look 'alive'...each picture has an anecdotal quality; they express moments."

Click here to view sample photo-art images from Roc's Quixotica exhibit.

'Tis the time for holiday shopping!

Come shop our 11th Annual Holiday Boutique, featuring over 20 local artists and crafters. 

We have something for everyone - paintings, jewelry, crochet, stuffed toys, painted rocks and much, much more!

Walter Crew

Robert O'Relli Bradley

Julie Van Wyk

Jim Isham

Jeff DeSalles

Jane Russell

Elaine Coyne

An interview with Tom Quinlavin

The Places I've Been

"I continue to explore the power of color, to create an emotional and visual experience by limiting my palate, pushing the color, a removal technique and using additives that create a different sensation for the eye and mind."  — Tom Quinlavin

Tom's one-man show, Quinlavin - Color 2022 runs November 9 - December 3. Don't miss this huge explosion of color! Join us for the Artist Reception on Saturday, November 19th, 2-4pm.


Tell us about the art featured in your show, Quinlavin - Color 2022.

This is a collection of work from 2020-22. Most of it was an exploration of the range of the pigment yellow and my removal process.

How would you describe the nature of your work?

I work predominantly in the abstract. I like working with a larger size that allows you to feel like part of the painting.

What kind of response do you hope your work elicits from viewers? 

I'm hoping you have some emotional experience from my work - what that feels like is up to the viewer.

What does being an artist mean to you?

I am what I am...I couldn't being anything else.


Tell us something about your creative process.

It starts with a thought that can come from anything - something I've seen or heard or felt. Then that thought incubates in my mind until I'm physically ready to attack it.

Do you ever get in a creative rut?

No, I'm never in a rut. Some things just take time.

Do you listen to music while you paint? 

No, never - it would be disruptive and interfere with my process. 

How long have you been painting?

I started painting in high school when I was given the opportunity to take art instead of gym class. I jumped on board, as I was already the best runner in my high school's history. In 1982, I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting from Long Island University, CW Post Campus. I then spent the next 10 years in New York as part of the East Village Art Scene.


mARTinez Creates!

Featured art:  Aloe by Renaye Johnson

In each of our shows this year, we have been delighted to shine a light on local arts groups - Lamorinda Arts Alliance, California Watercolor Association, Concord Art Association, Contra Costa Plein Air and now Martinez Arts Association

All of these groups not only provide support for artists in the area, but they also benefit the entire community by hosting special events and building stronger awareness for the arts.

Come by soon to check out the latest work from MAA members!

Shenandoah by Dorrie Langley

Memories by Peggy O'Farrell