aRt Cottage Participates in AAUW Wine Walk

On May 11th from 1-4 pm the aRt Cottage will participate, along with many of Concord's Todos Santos merchants, in the 2013 Art and Wine Walk. This is a fundraiser for the American Association of University Women. Buy an ticket, join the stroll and find out a bit more about the artistic side of Concord while supporting a good cause.

EGGstravaganza Opens to a Large Turnout

The show was great - loved your mom's eggs and all your pics - love the whimsy. You guys are so talented. It's an honor to see the world through your eyes.
-Julie L

Saturday was the opening reception for our new show, EGGstravaganza. Photographers Mark and Cathy Pemberton have been working for the past year to put together this unique show. Their photographs of eggs were just exquisite examples of abstract figure study and balance between light and shadow. The use of the term light is appropriate especially since several of the eggs were shown to be levitating. A repeated comment by many of our guests was “how did you ever come up with so many unique ways to photograph eggs.”

© Mark and Cathy Pemberton
Using a high degree of imagination and a demented sense of humor, Mark and Cathy managed to create on full room's worth of Whimsical egg photographs that provoked laughs from all who went through this room. "Embryo Wars" is not to be missed.
© Mark and Cathy Pemberton

Photo by Mark Pemberton
Another highlight of the show was the egg art of Mark’s mother Shirley. She has created the most stunning works from raw eggs. They run the gamut from eggs that are simply (but elegantly) carved to elaborate mechanical marvels that rival the famed Faberge eggs of the 19 th century. Numerous people took the time to read the short book about her work and to watch the YouTube video of her creations that was shot in the 1990s.

Photo by Gladys Warr
The turnout was good with about 75 people stopping by.  We saw lots of new faces amongst many of our long-time supporters. We were also delighted that residents of the nearby Concord House stopped by to enjoy the show and some of the delicious refreshments with us.

EGGstravaganza will continue showing through April 27. This is truly one of the most unique shows that we have hosted. Don’t miss it!
Photo by Gladys Warr
Photo by Gladys Warr


Our April show is one of the most unique ever. Local photographers, Mark and Cathy Pemberton have spent the last year studying and photographing eggs. According to Mark “Eggs hold a mystical place in the psyche of most cultures and we wanted to explore this simple but interesting subject. Many cultures have origin stories that involve the egg. Our photographs are a study of shape, form, shadow, light and texture. We have also included a series of “whimsical” photos, just for fun.”

“What makes this show even more exciting is that we will also be exhibiting, for the first time anywhere, the egg art of Shirley Pemberton. We have twenty of her pieces displayed in two glass cases. For 20 years my mother created the most exquisite art works from real eggs. Using everything from a robin’s egg to an ostrich egg she fabricated works of art to rival the famous Faberge eggs of 19th century Russia. Today she is 83 years old and no longer able to continue her creative endeavors. This show is a tribute to her years of work.”

The show runs from April 3rd to April 27th.  A public opening reception will be held on April 6th from 2 to 5 pm.