Bringing the outdoors in

Black Diamond Mine by MJ Lazarski

For July and August, our gallery celebrates the joy of the outdoors with art from members of the Contra Costa Plein Air Group, curated by the group's founder, Nancy Roberts.

"To experience the beauty and joy of our existence here on earth is the path to achieve great happiness. My intention as an artist is to share some of this beauty from my perspective. My paintings attempt to explore the nuance of nature, inspired by working outside, en plein air. When not painting on location, I enjoy returning to my studio to work on commissions and in-depth studies. Primarily self-taught, I have followed a non-traditional path to my professional art career from a thorough study of the masters and contemporaries alike. Developing my composition, color harmony, tone, light, perspective, and brushwork skills help me portray paintings that are simultaneously engaging and inviting." MJ Lazarski

Sakura by Nancy Roberts

Don't miss this summer show - you'll enjoy looking at many beautiful locales and familiar scenes, as interpreted by 20+ local artists:

  • Dan Kennedy
  • Dreher Warren
  • Dwight Shackelford
  • Gail Jones
  • Hamil Ma
  • Janet Mardirosian
  • Kathleen Gadway
  • Kathy Brokaw
  • Linda Geniesse
  • Lorraine Wells 
  • Mary Frazier
  • Mary M. Young
  • Meghana Mitragotri
  • MJ Lazarski
  • Nancy Roberts
  • Nathaniel J. Bice
  • Patrice D. Newell 
  • Peter McNeill
  • Rebecca Davies
  • Renaye Johnson
  • Roswitha M. Kress
  • Sharon Cohune

Martinez Marsh by Roswitha Kress