aRt Cottage is pleased to announce our latest show - Trees. Nine artists will present their interpretations of this oft explored subject.A range of styles from the surreal, abstract, impressionistic to realism are included.

The opening reception will be held on Saturday, December 1st, from 2 to 5 pm. Refreshments and live music will be provided. Please come and visit the aRt Cottage, meet the artists and support the growth of the local art scene in the Concord area.

Participating Artists include:
W.L. Stover (dec.), Randy Stansberry, Mike Yashar, Mary Spain, Mary Lou Correia, Mark Pemberton, Cathy Pemberton, Wenda Pyman, Colin Hall. Music will be provided by Matthew Swartz.

Form + Function = Art

Artist's Reception
Saturday, November 3rd 
2 to 5 pm

Many endeavors are classified as a craft. Woodworking and quilt-sewing are examples of crafts. Ceramics is also usually classified as such. Crafts are so designated because they have a purpose - a function. Woodworking will yield a chair that we can sit on, quilts keep us warm and ceramic bowls and cups give us utensils with which to eat. When was the last time you did something useful with a painting? Yet sometimes when form combines with function a unique type of art is created.

The Tosch family has created a collection of beautifully functional pieces of ceramics. However, if you take the time to observe them carefully you will find unique combinations of form that transform the piece. In one case it may be an organic handle attached to a very symmetrical mug. In another it is the flowing lines of a pitcher that mimic each other and the arch of liquid that would pour from it.

Form and Function will be on display at the aRt Cottage from November 1st through the 24th. And don't miss the Reception on Saturday, November 3rd from 2 to 5 pm.

"Our Natural World" Follows "Another World" at the aRt Cottage

"Our Natural World" Photography Exhibition and Competition opens its one month run at the aRt Cottage October 3rd. Sponsored by the Diablo Valley Camera Club "Our Natural World" is a celebration of the world and animals that surround us.
The show consists of 56 photographic prints representing 18 different artists with an astonishing array of subject matter.

The Diablo Valley Camera Club was founded in 1983 as an offshoot of a photography class held at the Diablo Valley Adult School.  In 1986, the Concord Camera Club and Diablo Valley Camera Club merged to form a stronger organization. The Concord Camera Club had been in existence for many years. It had experienced photographers and knowledge about camera club organization but its membership was small and participation was limited. Diablo Valley Camera Club was young and had less experience, but was growing and enthusiastic. The combination of the two now exists as the current Diablo Valley Camera Club which meets on the 2nd and 4th Wed of each month at Pilgrim Hall at The First Congregational Church, 1229 Court Street, Martinez at 7pm.

The show is also a competition with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes worth a total of $100 being handed out. Two Honorable Mention ribbons were also awarded.

Judging was conducted by well known local professional photographer Dick Hixson.

Dick received an AA deg from DVC and then enrolled in the two year trade school photography course at Laney Junior College. He started his own commercial photography business and owned a studio in San Francisco for 16 years where he supplied photography to many advertising agencies in San Francisco and the peninsula. His clients included Apple, HP, AT&T, Johnson & Johnson, Acer , and FedEx. He moved his studio to the Walnut Creek area and continued shooting for another 24 years.

Competition Winners

1st Place – Betty Prange’s "Yellowstone Morning"

2nd Place – "Alone on the Mountain" by Jim Ludwig

3rd Place -  "Winter at Cascade Creek" by Cathy Pemberton

HM – Lori Espinosa’a "Pre-flight"

HM – Lance Guelfo’s "A Delta Plant"

Congratulations to the winners!

Opening Reception
An opening Reception is planned for Saturday, October 6th from 2 to 5 pm at the aRt Cottage. Come and meet the artists and learn how they created their master works and about their worldly travels. There will be entertainment food and beverage so please come and enjoy this special occasion.
Take Better Photographs
Baffled by the world of digital photography? Have a new camera and not quite sure how to use it? Want to take better photos of your kids, dog, vacation? Have a question about how to use Photoshop? Stop by the aRt Cottage from 2 to 4 pm on Saturday October 20th and meet members of the Diablo Valley Camera Club. DVCCs seasoned photographers will be present to help you out. In addition, you can browse the gallery and enjoy the fabulous photographs on display.

Another World in Concord

CC14 brings their highly successful show, another World, to aRt Cottage. Featuring some of the most magnificent and creative works you'd want to see, the show runs September 1st - 28th. The opening reception will be held Thursday, September 6th from 6 to 8 pm. Come and meet the artists and enjoy these beautiful works of art.


Thursday evening saw an enthusiastic crowd at aRt Cottage to celebrate the opening of the new show Heads and Bodies, by Mike Jones and Jeff Stobbe. Mike's whimsical and dramatic ceramic heads were crowd pleasers as were Jeff's colorful and stylized figure paintings. The large crowd enjoyed experiencing the art, meeting the artists and mingling among like minded enthusiasts. The musical entertainment in the back yard added to the lightness and enjoyment of the evening.

Heads and Bodies will continue at the aRt Cottage until August 31st. Please drop by and view this unique collection.

In Full Swing
Photos by Joe Eiers


aRt Cottage Presents
Heads & Bodies
August 1st - 31st
Opening Reception August 2nd, 5-8 pm

Mark Jezierny and Students Show - a Hit With Visitors

Our current show, "Mark Jezierny and Students" has been extremely popular with visitors to aRt Cottage. The show will run through July 27. Please drop by and see these extraordinary works of art.

“What a great show. Lovely work by Mark and a number of his students! Fun, beautiful. Runs the gamut of styles with watercolors and oils.” - Carol P

“Amazing work. What a wonderful way to bring art to the community.” - Laura S

“Community awareness thru the arts. Beautiful.” - Anna K

“Just Wonderful! It gave me hope…I can do it! Love it.” - Ginny

Opening Reception Visitors

Walter Crew and Mark Jezierny Exchange Thoughts

Relaxing and enjoying the art!

Photos by Joe Eiers.

People's Choice

Mark Jezierny's Diablo Hills and  Marsha Goodman's Ruth Bancroft Cactus  tied for the People's Choice during the reception for Mark Jezierny and Students Exhibit.  There were many admirers of other paintings having a difficult time in choosing "just one" painting.  The exhibit was well attended and enjoyed.  This wonderful show by Mark Jezierny and his students will be up through the month of July.  Please feel free to come by during our regular business hours and check out this wonderful exhibit.

New Show - Mark Jezierny and Students

Our new show,  "Mark Jezierny and Students", is open for the enjoyment of all you art aficionados.  This show is a celebration of Mark's 20+ years of teaching in the Bay Area and of the work of his students. An opening reception is planned for this Thursday, July 5 from 6 to 8pm.  Come join the fun for good art, good food and good artists.

From the July 2011 newsletter of the California Watercolor Association.
"Mark Jezierny has been creating art in one form or another for the past 38 years and seriously painting for the past 25 years. He paints primarily in oils and sometimes acrylics on canvas or board, many of which are done en plein air. His paintings of landscapes, waterfronts, buildings and industrial scenes are done with both brush and palette knife. “Every element such as sky, water and trees deserves a different treatment when it comes to applying paint,” he says. He lets the subject matter tell him how it needs to be painted as opposed to falling into the trap of formula painting. He might visit the same site 4 to 10 times at 2 to 4 hours each time before the painting is completed. He even sometimes has to wait until the season of the year is the same before going back to complete the painting. He creates an impressionistic style with an approach that is unconventional yet boldly realistic. He uses color to convey mood along with atmosphere, perspective and an energy that depicts the overall spirit of the subject matter. Texture and shading are effectively used to emphasize the form, density and richness of natural and man made objects. Since 1987 his paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo, group and juried shows."

Click to enlarge
Look at what's blooming at aRt Cottage.  Come by and enjoy the garden as well as the art.  Open weekdays 9 - 5 and weekends 1 to 5.

Last Chance to See Color and Steel

The aRt Cottage’s current show “Color and Steel Merge” will end its run this weekend. However, you still have time to drop by and view the wonderful artwork on display. We will be open on Friday until 5 pm. Come by and check it out while there is still time.

Photo by Joe Eiers

 Here’s what people are saying about the show:

“Everything about our visit was fabulous.  First, the gallery is in such a cute house that has so much charm and showcases everything quite well.  Then the work itself is very must see it in person,  you will leave so impressed…  I recommend everyone to get a chance to see it, you will be glad you did.”
Marcia G

“Great Show” – Scott C

“The visit to this gallery has been a treat” – Susan G

“Lovely” – Barbara H

“Everything is wonderful” – Jack and Janet A

“Love it” – Michele E

Last Week of June Events:
Mon. Wed. Fri. - art classes by arrangement (925)381-9584
June 26 - CC14 - Critique Meeting at 7 pm
June 30 - 1 to 2 Take down Color and Steel Merge Show
June 30 - 2 to 4 Intake Jezierney and Students Show
Live a Little - Make Art!!

aRt Cottage classes start June 18

Art Classes start June 18th.  Don't forget to call and schedule for your one hour class.  All materials and supplies are provided by aRt Cottage.  Classes are one hour in length.  There is a $10 fee for each time. Classes are taught on Mon. Wed. and Fri.  Schedule your one hour slot now.  Summer is here and it is time to have fun and make art.

Color and Steel Merge

Our newest show is now hanging for view. "Color and Steel Merge" is a collaboration between painter Nancy Robinson and stainless steel metal sculptor Kurt Vorheis. This is our fourth show here at aRt Cottage and I am so happy with the result. Nancy is well know for her bold colors and great figures. One would think that stainless steel would be all about shine and polish but Kurt coerces in credible colors from his pieces due to the oxidation processes used during welding.

We will have an Opening Reception this Thursday, June 7th, from 4 to 8 pm with wine and cheese provided. Don't miss the opportunity to see this beautiful show and meet the artists.


Lunch Break at a Gallery....

Come on in and enjoy the exhibit
aRt Cottage is now offering the opportunity for downtown employees to come and sit in the garden, browse through the gallery, enjoy the music and birds.........and have a lunch break.  Many employees walk the Todos Santos Plaza Square for exercise during their lunch break.  aRt Cottage is just 1.5 blocks away and offers a wonderful place to relax and enjoy your lunch - bag it; get take out; or perhaps something from the farmer's market on Tues. or Thurs.  Expand your horizon and come on down to 2238 Mt. Diablo Street in Concord.

What are People Saying?

“Fantastic place. Great exhibition. Best wishes for the future…” Kevin Sanchez

“We love your Art Cottage. So much creativity and fun. XOX” Ann and Jim Vestal

“Welcome to the neighborhood. Concord needs more places like this!!!” Tim and Koko Shipman

“What a Wonderful place!”

“So glad to have you in the neighborhood. Congrats on a wonderful show.” Robriel Wolf

“Beautiful photographs and paintings. Enjoyed it all.” Amory & Peter

“Inspired. Thank you.” Beth Witrogen

“Thank you for opening this wonderful space for the community. What a blessing! Namaste.” Judy Ranieri

Artists Reception

Saturday was the Artists Reception for our new show, Africa: Two Views. It was a beautiful afternoon and over 100 guests turned out to view the artwork of Walter Crew and Mark & Cathy Pemberton. The energy level was very high as the enthusiastic art aficionados went from room to room admiring the various works. Stylistically, Walter's paintings and scratchboards and Mark and Cathy's black and white photographs were 180 degrees apart and yet complemented each other so well that they represented a logically unified body of work.

Each attendee had to opportunity to vote for their favorite painting and photograph. Many a person commented that they could not possibly pick just one image. However , eventually they did manage to select their favorites. There was a tie for first place among the photographs. Cathy's "Lioness" and Mark's "Reticulated Giraffes" tied for first. Among the paintings, Walter's "Maasai Cattle Herders" was judged to be the favorite.

Many thanks to all of the people who helped to make this reception a great success. Special thanks to Benjamin Ofori, our African drummer, for providing entertainment. I would also like to thank Linda Wagner for her great handling of the food and beverages. And finally thanks to Joe Eiers for photographing the event.

Stay tuned for more news on upcoming shows.

Attendees enjoy the Artwork

Jim and Ann Vestal discuss things with FRO

Benjamin Ofori - African Drummer

A lighthearted moment

People's Choice: 1st Place (tie) - Lioness by Cathy Pemberton

People's Choice: 1st Place (tie) - Reticulated Giraffes by Mark Pemberton

People's Choice: 1st Place - Maasai Cattle Herders by Walter Crew

Photographs of the reception by Joe Eiers.

Africa: Two Views

I am delighted to announce our new show at the aRt Cottage.

The show “Africa: Two Views” presents two different perspectives of the African continent. Walter Crew draws upon the colors, patterns and rhythms of the land and culture of Africa to create paintings that capture the richness and vitality of the wildlife and native populations. In this show, photographers Mark and Cathy Pemberton have eschewed the use of color to produce a series of intimate black and white portraits intended to isolate the personality and soul of the animals and people of Africa.

Walter Crew is a well-known artist in the San Francisco East Bay area. He is a member of multiple local artist associations and participates regularly in local art shows. His award winning paintings can be found in local galleries. Walter is best knows for his paintings of animals and his richly textured landscapes and backgrounds.
Mark and Cathy Pemberton are photographers with passions for travel and for sharing their experiences. Their travels have included photographing landscapes and wildlife in Alaska, Sierra Mountains, polar bears in Churchill Canada, Iceland, the southwest, winter in Yellowstone, Death Valley and of course Africa. Many of their photographs have won first prize awards in local and regional photo contests. They have also made multiple presentations to local groups regarding their travel experiences.

Please come visit us at the aRt Cottage and view these wonderful works. We are holding an Opening reception this Saturday, May 5th from 2 to 5 pm. In addition to meeting the artists we will have some snacks and even an African Drummer. The show runs through May 31st.


Gary Bergren's Proteges

Get ready to enjoy the next exhibit at aRt Cottage.
Gary Bergren's Proteges will be showing their work for the month of April.  
The artist reception will be Saturday, April 7 from 6 to 8 pm.  

Refreshments will be served.  
Work from approximately 20 local artists will be on display.  

aRt Cottage is located at 2238 Mt. Diablo Street in Concord.
Hours are:
 9-5 Mon.- Thurs.
 Closed Fri. 
 Saturday and Sunday hours are 1-5. 

 The artists reception on April 7th (6to8pm) is Free and Open to the Public.