New Show - Mark Jezierny and Students

Our new show,  "Mark Jezierny and Students", is open for the enjoyment of all you art aficionados.  This show is a celebration of Mark's 20+ years of teaching in the Bay Area and of the work of his students. An opening reception is planned for this Thursday, July 5 from 6 to 8pm.  Come join the fun for good art, good food and good artists.

From the July 2011 newsletter of the California Watercolor Association.
"Mark Jezierny has been creating art in one form or another for the past 38 years and seriously painting for the past 25 years. He paints primarily in oils and sometimes acrylics on canvas or board, many of which are done en plein air. His paintings of landscapes, waterfronts, buildings and industrial scenes are done with both brush and palette knife. “Every element such as sky, water and trees deserves a different treatment when it comes to applying paint,” he says. He lets the subject matter tell him how it needs to be painted as opposed to falling into the trap of formula painting. He might visit the same site 4 to 10 times at 2 to 4 hours each time before the painting is completed. He even sometimes has to wait until the season of the year is the same before going back to complete the painting. He creates an impressionistic style with an approach that is unconventional yet boldly realistic. He uses color to convey mood along with atmosphere, perspective and an energy that depicts the overall spirit of the subject matter. Texture and shading are effectively used to emphasize the form, density and richness of natural and man made objects. Since 1987 his paintings have been exhibited in numerous solo, group and juried shows."

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