A gallery filled with watercolor!


Our show for March and April features stunning watercolor work from these fifteen talented artists:

  • Ruth Beeve
  • Stephen Berry
  • Bonnie Fry
  • Juanita Hagberg
  • Fiona M. Hughes
  • Iretta Hunter
  • Samantha McNally
  • Ruth Miller
  • Craig Moline
  • Cindy Skyker
  • Linda Sutton
  • Barbara Tapp
  • Sal Valencia
  • Lorraine Wells
  • Leslie Wilson
Juanita Hagberg

Leslie Wilson

Ruth Miller

Visit Samantha McNally's website (show curator) to see more. 

Visit soon to enjoy the show and cast your vote in our People's Choice Award!

Got gifts?


Our little gift shop in the tiny house behind the gallery is filled with wonderful art and fabulous handmade items - you're sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion. 

So many unique and affordable ideas from local artists! Skip the department store and bring home something truly one-of-a-kind, made with love and creative passion - like a painting, a journal, a ceramic vase, a cute critter, sparkly earrings and so much more.