Form + Function = Art

Artist's Reception
Saturday, November 3rd 
2 to 5 pm

Many endeavors are classified as a craft. Woodworking and quilt-sewing are examples of crafts. Ceramics is also usually classified as such. Crafts are so designated because they have a purpose - a function. Woodworking will yield a chair that we can sit on, quilts keep us warm and ceramic bowls and cups give us utensils with which to eat. When was the last time you did something useful with a painting? Yet sometimes when form combines with function a unique type of art is created.

The Tosch family has created a collection of beautifully functional pieces of ceramics. However, if you take the time to observe them carefully you will find unique combinations of form that transform the piece. In one case it may be an organic handle attached to a very symmetrical mug. In another it is the flowing lines of a pitcher that mimic each other and the arch of liquid that would pour from it.

Form and Function will be on display at the aRt Cottage from November 1st through the 24th. And don't miss the Reception on Saturday, November 3rd from 2 to 5 pm.