Artist Spotlight: Carla W. Gelbaum

Wish You Were Here #1   30x40 Acrylic    $3000
"This painting showcases a joyful relationship between the past and present, manifesting a new reality that dares to be both nostalgic and full of enthusiasm for the future. It includes images of impossible encounters and of a setting that blends my dreams and memories. With the implication that a photo is being taken, this painting is a reflection both of my life and my wish that my loved ones, from the past and the present were here with me now."

First Bloom   18x24 Acrylic   $450

Third Bloom   18x24 Acrylic   $450

"The flowers in these paintings are a humanistic and optimistic response to the cold and cynical world we face today. They fill each canvas, bursting forth with the power of life and hope.

I have been painting with acrylics for about 15 years - however, I have always been a working artist. It is part and parcel of who I am!

I received a B.F.A in Design and a M.F.A. with distinction in Printmaking, at the California College of the Arts. Besides acrylics, I have used watercolor paints and made monotype prints.

Carla W. Gelbaum has lived in Moraga for the past 22 years. She is a member of the Lamorinda Arts Alliance and the Lamorinda Arts Council.

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