Artist Spotlight: Judy Feins

River Light - 24x36 oil   $1800

"I‘m fascinated by all that I see in the natural world. My passion for portraying that beauty is the force behind my paintings. The fleeting drama of weather and atmosphere creates an unending joyful challenge.

I paint to celebrate the qualities of shifting light, long vistas of space that evoke possibility and freedom, and the brilliant tranquility of light on water. I love the cool clarity and luminosity of northern California and it’s mysterious transformative fog.

I enjoy studying and painting the layered complexities of visual phenomena, like rocks submerged in water, seen through a surface reflection of the sky, and abstracted by ripples or wind.

It’s also exciting to explore and paint the personalities of different geographical areas, and capture remnants of California’s history and culture, its coastal villages, small family farms and ranches."

Yuba River - 24x36 oil   $1800

"Both of these paintings are portraits of beautiful rivers - the Mokelumne and the Yuba. I love rivers; the movement and colors, and the free feeling of the water interacting with rocks, and the contours of the land. It has a dancing joyful feeling, always changing, mesmerizing. I love watching light sparkle on the surface and illuminate the depths. The Yuba has an extraordinary green color lit with gold. The reflection of the sunlit rocks, sky and trees make a kaleidoscope of patterns on the ripples.

I’ve been painting and drawing all of my life, but have been able to devote myself completely to it for the last 20 years. Art is a profession but also a calling for me- something that makes me feel alive in a way that is different from everything else.

More of my work can be seen on my website, as well as at Valley Art Gallery in Walnut Creek and ACCI Gallery in Berkeley. I also have solo shows in other venues - this August through November, I will have a solo exhibit at the Walnut Creek City Hall Gallery Space."

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