aRt Cottage Receives a Grant from Concord Art Association

On February 19 the Concord Art Association gave a grant of $250 to the aRt Cottage in recognition and support of its goal to be a place where “art is made and displayed by artists of all ages”.

"The grant resulted when my friend and co artist came to aRt Cottage with the other members of the Concord Art Association, of which she is the vice president.  They looked at all the galleries (rooms) and asked many questions as to the purpose of aRt Cottage.  I explained that the R in aRt Cottage symbolizes that we “R” all a part of it and it is "R" “(our)” Cottage where art is made and displayed by artists of all ages.  I also explained that I welcome donations of any art material and supplies that are no longer being used by others in order to keep class costs at a very reasonable price.  Since then we have received may donations in the form of paint, paper, collage material and more."

"Shortly after that tour I received a call from the CAA saying that the group was so impressed with the tour and our purpose that they were nominating aRt Cottage for a grant.  Here we are in February 2013 not only being presented with the $250 in grant money, but I was also asked to do a watercolor demo for which I received another $100, which was added to the aRt Cottage fund.  Life is good at aRt Cottage, where we truly R all a part of the big picture.  Thank you to the Concord Art Association."