This month's show is an exhibit of Student Works. While the majority of the exhibited works are from our younger artists, students of all ages were invited to submit their artwork. And submit they did! This is one of our largest shows to date. the variety and originality are breathtaking.

Arian Mojaddidi
Katie Dowell & Adeline Lizarraga
Our opening reception was last Thursday evening and the event was a blowout. It was a wonderful crowd of children and adults. All seemed anxious to search for their work and show it off to relatives and friends. The children were enthusiastic to explain their recycled art material sculptures and demonstrate how they worked. Several pieces were sold within the first hour. Work ranged in age from Sr. citizens to preschoolers. Ceramic pinch pots, oil paintings, pencil drawings, photographs, watercolors, pastels, clay masks were only some of the mediums enjoyed by viewers. Live music was provided by the Delta Breeze. Their acoustic style country and rock 12 string guitar played by Tony Benedetti and vocals by Pauline Kilian added to the evening. If you did not get a chance to check out the art at the reception - come visit aRt Cottage before August is over and enjoy the variety on display. This is the month to make some purchases. All the proceeds go directly to the artists. aRt Cottage is here to help promote the beginning artists as well as the continuing "learning" student artists no matter what their age or experience is.


Meiling Liu