Quixotica by Roc DeWilde

"Maya awakens from a dream; her consciousness is impressed with strong feelings of wanting. By living experiences and reasoning, she becomes aware that her most important purpose in life is to know herself – as sharing the joy and beauty of LOVE."

As part of our All About Photography exhibit for July, we have a special audio-visual presentation called Quixotica by Roc DeWilde, whose photography spans over five decades in national and international media.

Quixotica is awe-inspiring entertainment - a series of 36+ images accompanied by lyrical music. Viewers will experience a moving narrative through sight and sound, created with compelling transitions, vivid colors and pools of shadows that are beautifully designed to spark your imagination.

FRO - Owner of aRt Cottage

Mary Dunn, Photo Editor for People Magazine said of DeWilde's work, “Roc directs his subjects so masterfully that they look alive. Each picture has an anecdotal quality – they express moments.”